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Strider Balance Bike Model Comparison Chart

One thing that makes Strider Balance Bikes so unique is that they make learning to steer on two wheels smooth and easy. By focusing on balance first, Striders allow riders to learn how to lean through turns, physical skills that can’t be accomplished on training wheels. It’s important that kids learn balance first and once they are proficient, adding pedals is the next step. The act of physically learning how to pedal only takes a short amount of time but learning to balance on two wheels is the part that takes practice. 

Trying to determine which Strider Balance Bike is right for your kid?  Here is a full feature comparison chart.  The lightest weight Strider is the Strider Pro.

Strider Classic vs Sport vs Pro Strider Bike Comparison

Strider Models: Strider Classic Strider Sport Strider Pro
Suggested Retail Price $119.99 $139.99 $179.99
Age 18 months - 5 years ✔ *
Seat height 28-41cm / 11-16in
Handlebar height 46-56cm / 18-22in
Maximum rider weight 27kg / 60lbs
U.S patented, high performance design
Simple 5 minute assembly
60-day satisfaction guarantee
Two-year warranty
Flat-free EVA polymer tires
One-piece ultralight wheels
Premium cartridge bearings
Mini-saddle on 220mm seat post
Frame-integrated footrest
No-tool adjustments  
Mini-grip handlebars  
Handlebar pad  
Padded saddle  
Extra-long seatpost (up to 48cm / 19in)  
Front number plate    
Aluminum alloy frame    
Weight 3.0kg / 6.7lbs 3.0kg / 6.7lbs 2.4kg / 5.3lbs
Colors BL, GN, RD, PK BL, GN, RD, PK, OR, YE,GY, BK Silver


* Fits 4 - 5 year old with optional xl seat post.