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Bike Size Guide

When determining the correct size bike to purchase for your child, take into account the following:

Stand Over:  

Your child should be able to stand flat footed with at least 1" over the bike frame.  Measure your child's inseam with shoes on.  Compare to the height of the middle section of the top tube of the frame.

Stand Over Seat:  

If your child is just learning to ride a pedal bike, compare the height of the lowest seat setting with your child's inseam measurement.  Your child needs to be able to at least touch on tip toes when sitting on the seat. If your child can't touch the ground when they're on the seat, learning will be more intimidating.  Starting will take much more coordination if they have to get speed, balance, and move their body up onto the seat all at once.  


Look for a bike with a longer wheelbase.   Generally, the longer the wheelbase, the more stable the bike will be.

Bike Weight:  

Try to find a bike that weighs less than 30% of the weight of your child.


Size and fit is easy for Woom Bikes!  All you have to do is follow this table:

  WOOM Nr.

Age (yrs)

1.5 -  3.5y 3 - 4.5y  4 - 6y  6 - 8y  7 - 11y  10 - 14y

Height (in)



32 - 39"



37 - 43"



41 - 47"



45 - 51"



49 - 57"



55 - 65"




You can't decide between Woom 2 and Woom 3?

Choosing the right size depends on several factors: body size, previous experience on a balance / pedal bike, skill and a lot of other factors. If your child does not have any experience on a pedal bike and falls within the recommended size of Woom 2, we recommend our Woom 2 as the first bike. If your child can already ride a bike and is slightly below the recommended size for Woom 3, then your child will be able to ride the Woom 3.