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"Almost Perfect" Kids Bikes

Sometimes, bikes arrive to us with small amounts of damage from shipping (many come all the way from the UK).  Occasionally we receive a returned bike back from a customer that isn't "perfect" anymore.  Typically, these bikes were scratched in shipping or were ridden once or twice so have dusty tires.  If you see a bike you're interested in, please email and we'll email you a custom invoice for these special bikes. 

Shipping charges for Almost Perfect Bikes: 

  • Balance Bikes:  $15
  • 12" - 16" Bikes:  $24
  • 20" Bikes:  $29
  • 24" Bikes:  $39
  • 26" Bikes:  $49

"Almost Perfect" bikes currently available:

Bike #1:  20" 8-Speed Frog 55 in Spotty

  • Size:  20"
  • Color: Spotty
  • Price:  $485 (was $520)

Brand new Frog 55 arrived with a scratch on its downtube.  Occasionally this happens on the long trip to us from Frog in the UK.  The white paint stickers that are included with this bike will cover this scratch so it's hardly visible. Putting a water bottle cage on the bike would block the view of it even further.  

Frog 55 in SpottyFrog 55 downtube


Bike #2:  SOLD

Bike #3:  20" 8-Speed Frog 55 in Red

  • Size:  20"
  • Color: Red
  • Price:  $485 (was $520)

Brand new Frog 55 was sent to a customer and returned due to being the wrong size for that child. Unfortunately, it was not packed properly for its return trip and came back with a handful of very minor scratches in various places.  These scratches are very superficial, more a light scuff that didn't go through the red paint, but it's not a perfect bike.  We posted 2 closeups so you can see examples of the depth of the scratches. There are a few other spots with these types of marks as well.  Paint stickers are included with all Frog bikes to help cover scratches that happen during regular use and the red stickers with this bike could be put on any of these blemishes to hide them.

Frog 55 in Red



Bike #4:  24" 8-Speed Frog 62 in Electric Blue

  • Size:  24"
  • Color: Electric Blue
  • Price:  $515 (was $550)

Brand new Frog 62 arrived from the UK with the rear wheel loose in the drop outs so the chainstay was scratched a bit as the wheel jiggled around.  The good news is that these scratches are quite well disguised once the rear axle is properly installed. The scratch on the inside of the drivetrain side is pretty much unnoticeable. The scratch on the non-drivetrain side is still visible, but it is on the bottom of the frame. This bike does include matching Electric Blue "touch up" stickers (to be used as the bike gets scratched from regular use). With these stickers in place, the scratch is not noticeable - the stickers are pretty much invisible once applied. In addition, there is no concern of long term durability with these scratches as it is just surface level to the paint. With the Frog's lightweight aluminum frame, there's no concern of rust or corrosion either. 

Frog 62 in BlueFrog 62 CloseupFrog 62 Kids Bike Close Up