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"Almost Perfect" Kids Bikes

Occasionally we receive a bike back from a customer that isn't "perfect" anymore.  Typically, these bikes were scratched in shipping or were ridden once or twice so have dusty tires.  If you are local, take $15 off the price if you can pick up the bike at our warehouse in Avon, CO.  If you see a bike you're interested in, please email and we'll email you a custom invoice for these special bikes. 

Here is a list of the bikes we have available:

Bike #1:  Frog Tadpole Plus 14" Balance Bike

Color:  Red
Retail Price: $260
Sale Price: $195
Description:  Brand new/never ridden.  Frame has a scratch on it (see photo).  Bike does include red paint coverup stickers that you can apply to hide the scratch and protect the frame. 

Frog Tadpole Plus Balance Bike on Sale due to Scratch


Bike #2:  20" Frog 52 8-Speed Bicycle

Color:  Pink
Retail Price: $510
Sale Price: $415

Description:  Brand new/never ridden.  Bike was shipped back to us from a customer without wrapping the bike properly and the frame has a few small dings and scratches.

 Frog 52

Bike #3:  SOLD.

Bike #4:  SOLD

Bike #5:  SOLD

Bike #6.  SOLD

Bike #7.  SOLD