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"Almost Perfect" Kids Bikes

Sometimes, bikes arrive to us with small amounts of damage from shipping (many come all the way from the UK).  Occasionally we receive a returned bike back from a customer that isn't "perfect" anymore.  Typically, these bikes were scratched in shipping or were ridden once or twice so have dusty tires.  If you see a bike you're interested in, please email and we'll email you a custom invoice for these special bikes. 

Shipping charges for Almost Perfect Bikes: 

  • Balance Bikes:  $15
  • 12" - 16" Bikes:  $24
  • 20" - 24" Bikes:  $29
  • 26" Bikes:  $39

"Almost Perfect" bikes currently available:

Bike #1:  ByK E-250 14" Bike

Color:  White/Lilac
Price:  $139.00 (was $239.00)

This bike is in great shape but is missing a front axel nut and possibly a fender bolt.  More info coming on this bike.

Bike #2:  Frog 48 16" Bike

Color:  Electric Blue
Price:  $374.00 (was $395.00)

This bike is perfectly new, but is missing the mud guards and the full chain guard.  They can be purchased separately at a later time if you decide you would like them.  

Frog 48 in Electric Blue

Bike #3:  Strider 14X Sport Balance Bike

Color:  Pink
Price:  $109.90 (was $159.99)

This bike was returned to us and came back with minor scuffs on the front fork.

Strider 14X

Bike #4:  Frog 48

Color:  Pink/Purple
Price:  $395.00

This bike is a cool one of a kind Frog 48 bike.  The frame is pink and the front fork is purple!  Brand new!  Perfect condition.

Photos coming.


Bike #5:  SOLD

Bike #6:  SOLD

Bike #7:  SOLD