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"Almost Perfect" Kids Bikes

Sometimes, bikes arrive to us with small amounts of damage from shipping (many come all the way from the UK).  Occasionally we receive a returned bike back from a customer that isn't "perfect" anymore.  Typically, these bikes were scratched in shipping or were ridden once or twice so have dusty tires.  If you see a bike you're interested in, please email and we'll email you a custom invoice for these special bikes. 

Shipping charges for Almost Perfect Bikes: 

  • Balance Bikes:  $15
  • 12" - 16" Bikes:  $24
  • 20" - 24" Bikes:  $29
  • 26" Bikes:  $39

"Almost Perfect" bikes currently available:

Bike #1:  ByK E-250 14" Bike

Color:  White/Lilac
Price:  $139.00 (was $239.00)

This bike is in great shape but is missing a front axel nut and possibly a fender bolt.  More info coming on this bike.

Bike #2:  SOLD

Bike #3:  Strider 14X Sport Balance Bike

Color:  Pink
Price:  $119.95 (was $159.99)

This bike was returned to us and came back with minor scuffs on the front fork.

Strider 14X

Bike #4:  SOLD.  Frog 62 8-Speed 24" Bicycle

Color:  Team Sky (Blue/Black)
Price:  $290 (was $550)

This bike was a demo bike so was shipped to a few festivals and was scratched some in shipping back/forth.  It has a few small scuffs in various places, and one section with some really large scratches (see the Team Sky closeup photo).  A bike mechanic has looked over this bike carefully and though scratched, the frame's integrity is fully intact and functionally the bike is working great.  This bike has slick tires on it so is ready for street or bike path riding.  Knobby tires are available to purchase. The bike has no mud guards, but those could be purchased separately if you live in a rainy area.  It has wheel reflectors but no front reflector on the handlebars and no rear reflector under the seat.  Those reflectors could also be purchased separately if you wanted those as well.

Bike #5:  SOLD

Bike #6:  SOLD

Bike #7:  SOLD