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About The Mondraker Kids Bike Lineup

Mondraker Logo

Based in Alicante, Spain, Mondraker makes performance mountain bikes for kids and adults since 2001. Mondraker is known best for innovation. It was one of the first brands with "Forward Geometry" (long, low, slack, stable) which has now become the standard for bike geometry across the industry. Mondraker makes bikes for everything from the downhill bike park all the way to the backyard for kids of all ages.  

Why We Love Mondraker

The Mind Device:

  • 2021 was the year that Mondraker premiered a GPS enabled telemetry system fully integrated with the bike’s suspension and which connects to a new smartphone app offering multiple functions and a wealth of data never before seen on a production mountain bike. MIND collects data from your rides and sends it, together with suspension activity data, to the myMondraker app for analysis. Likewise, the app lets you connect directly with the “Mondraker Universe” making each ride absolutely unbeatable. Mind is available with the  Foxy Carbon, Raze and Crafty Carbon bikes.

 The Dual Link ZERO Design:

  • ZERO is a dual link design with the shock floating between the two suspension links and compressed from both ends. This makes the rear suspension extremely sensitive on small bumps and big hit capable. ZERO superior technologies’ main advantages are ZERO power loss -a completely stable ride when pedalling-, ZERO pedal kickback-minimum chain growth throughout the suspension travel-, ZERO brake jack – isolated braking and suspension forces - and what we call ZERO bumps, its great ability to soak up any type of bump keeping the rear wheel efficiently planted on the ground.


  • Each tube and part is carefully designed to carry out a specific function while striving to achieve the lowest possible weight. Stealth technology is evolving every year with optimised shapes and internal updates to deliver the best riding experience in our aluminium frames.
  • You can find STEALTH ALLOY technology in Summum, SuperFoxy, Foxy, Factor 24 & 26, Leader, F-Play, Play, Chaser, Dusk, Crafty and Level series models.

Electric Grommy

Electric Models For Kids and Adults:

  • Mondraker carries a wide range of kids bikes as well as electric options for kids and adults. From 3 years upward, the Grommy range is ideal for learning how to balance on a bike; The Play range is designed so that girls and boys can learn to gain confidence with two wheels while taking advantage of a little assistance, so they can share rides with adult riders regardless of their abilities and without them getting left behind.
  • From 20 to 26” hardtail and 24” and 26” full suspension, the new Play and F-Play range are boosted with up to 40Nm maximum torque and 25 km/h max pedal assistance with internal 250Wh battery. With the Mahle e-Bikemotion mobile app and kids’ custom software it’s never been so easy to configure the different motor riding parameters to our kid’s liking in a very easy and intuitive way, also featuring offline navigation. All F-Play and Play model batteries are removable but not interchangeable. Maximum torque and speed are also limited for the 20” Play model. Long lasting 250Wh range for a kid’s bike.


Ready, Set, Pedal carries the entire Mondraker lineup with the best pricing for kids. Some bikes may be preorder, but rest assured we have preferred status to get any inventory as it becomes available. Below is the breakdown of their entire kids lineup:

Mondraker Kids Electric Bikes:
  • F-Play Full Suspension with Mahle-Ebikemotion Internal 250Wh Motor: Available in sizes 24 and 26. With 120mm suspension at the back and 100mm at the front nothing can stop them from enjoying themselves and having just as much fun as we do with our adult ebikes. Whether dealing with the most demanding of climbs or the most technical of trails, you’ll see them evolving and improving day by day so much that you’ll wonder where it’ll all end.

  • Play Hardtail with Mahle-Ebikemotion Internal 250Wh Motor: Available in sizes 24 and 26. 100mm travel front suspension allows them to enjoy both the descents and the climbs, thanks in large part to the Mahle Ebikemotion X-35 motor and a 250Wh internal battery, combining together to give you range to spare and opening the door to some fabulous adventures. 

  • Grommy eBalance Bikes: Can you imagine having had an ebike to learn to balance on when you were 3 years old? That’s what the Grommy 12 is, an ebike for the littlest ones to teach them how to balance with an hour’s range combined with fully adjustable power delivery. The first and only ebike with pure mountain bike DNA. The Grommy 16 is ideal for children between 5 and 8 years old. It will help your little ones gain balance and begin to manage a bike perfectly. The power can’t be easily controlled at all times

Mondraker Kids Pedal Bikes

  • Factor Full Suspension Bike. Available in size 24" and size 26", it's lightweight frame made of 6061 STEALT EVO aluminum incorporates Mondraker's ZERO SUSPENSION SYSTEM which makes it supremely effective regardless of whether you’re going up or down. What’s more, its agility coupled with 100mm of suspension both front and back make it tons of fun. And, as an added bonus, once your kids have grown a little you can replace the 24" wheels with some bigger 26" ones, thus increasing the useful life of the bike far beyond what’s normal in this category.

  • Leader Hardtail Lineup of Bikes. Leader 16, Leader 20, Leader 24 and Leader 26 sizes. Being lightweight is an important design feature in adults’ bikes, but it’s crucial in the KIDS range as they’re not as strong as adults and they find it proportionally harder to move the bike around. As well as keeping the weight down Mondraker went out of it's way to incorporate all of the coolest features from their adult ranges too: internal cable guides, exclusive design, quality components. 


Have Kids eBike Questions? Read our Kids eBike FAQ


"Website is very easy to use and the team was in touch to update me via email within 24 hours of purchase. The post managed to misplace our item here in Australia. However, the team at Ready Set Pedal worked super hard and fast to help me locate the item even though it was out of their control. We got the bike just in time for Christmas! Thank you, thank you!

Verified Review by Robert L.

(Frog 44 First Pedal Bike)

"This is our four year olds second bike and he loves it so much. He likes going to the bike park with it and it’s a big step up from our Woom bike and only weighs 5 pounds more!"

Verified Review by Helen E.

(Commencal Kids Ramones 16" Mountain Bike)

"Excellent customer service. This was my first purchase with Ready Set Pedal. I was so tickled to open the box and find a big smiley face on the package as well as a candy sucker included with the invoice. To me, those two acts of kindness gave me a more personal experience. I purchased the Lazer Lil’ Gekko helmet (Toddler size) for my 4 year old granddaughter. She loves dinosaurs, so this helmet is perfect and is what drew me to purchase it."

Verified Review by Cathy M.

(Lazer Lil Gekko Helmet)


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