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Kids eBike Frequently Asked Questions

E-bikes can be gamechangers for kids who ride in areas where climbing uphill is a must. They can enable your child to ride at the same pace as an adult would uphill without the towing, pushing, or grumbling you may hear if your child is riding an acoustic (non-electric) bike. The goal should always be to help instill a lifetime love of riding and typically subjecting a young one to long or steep arduous climbs is not the way to do that. Kids ebikes help them overcome some of these obstacles and get them out there having more fun for longer periods.

Here are some frequently asked questions we often get from parents new to the ebike scene:

What Are The Different Types of eBikes?

Electric bikes come with a battery pack and small motor that can give you a gentle boost or enough power to conquer almost any type of hill whether it be steep or just long. Kids ebikes range from urban, mountain hard tail and full-suspension bikes.

The motor can either be found in the hub or in the pedal drivetrain itself (aka mid-drive motor). Because the mid drive is placed at the center of the bike it provides a balanced feel. A mid-drive motor will tend to have longer range. A hub drive motor is the most common type of motor on bikes. A hub drive directly applies extra torque to the wheel and is a great choice for any kid getting started. The weight of the motor can be balanced with the weight of the battery pack that sits toward the front of the bike. Hub drives can be found on many 26" and under kid mountain bikes. 

Hub Drive on Mondraker Play 24

Hub Drive on Mondraker Play 24


Can Kids Ride eBikes Safely?

Absolutely. Kids ebikes have settings to control the power. The motors stop assisting once the child hits a certain speed. The ebike with pedal assists functions like any other kids bike. A parent or legal guardian should always give a close watch as the child gets started and always obey local regulation regarding rider age, trail policies and age qualification. 

Is It Powered Without Pedaling. Is There a Throttle?

The only kids bike with a throttle is the Mondraker Grommy balance bikes. All other electric assist kids bikes from Ready, Set, Pedal do not have a throttle. Pedaling is the only way to power the electric motor on a kids pedal bike. 

How Fast Do They Go?

Pedal-assist kids ebikes can go as fast the kid pedals the bike. The motor has an internal point where it stops assisting. Usually, depending on the manufacturer and the bike and bike size the pedal assist ceases to assist around 10 mph. 

How Long Does The eBike Battery Last?

Most ebike batteries are designed for roughly 800 charge cycles, which can last 6-7 years. The range will differ between different pedal assist models, but expect 10-30 mile range depending on the bike and the effort your kid is pedaling and the terrain.

What Kind of Maintenance Does an E-Bike Need?

All bikes require some service now and then and an e-bikes is no different. Most bike shops now are trained to service e-bikes like any other bike. Motors and batteries come with warranties. Keep your drivetrain clean and apply lubricant. A clean bike is a happy bike and electric bike chains tend to need more lubrication than a regular bike. 

To improve the lifespan of the battery avoid leaving the battery fully charged or fully discharged for long periods. Extreme heat and cold are the enemies of batteries. Store your kids ebike inside in the winter time.  

What eBikes Are Best For My Kid?

Ready, Set, Pedal carries several eBikes for kids and more are on the way. 

  1. Size 20": The Mondraker Play 20" hardtails are on their way and retail starting at $2999.
  2. Size 24" The Mondraker Play 24" hardtails are on their way. The Mondraker F-Play 24 full-suspension are pre-order with a December 2022 delivery. The Commencal Meta Power 24 Hardtail is an amazing mid-drive ebike and is available at $3800.
  3. Size 26": The Mondraker 26" F-Play full-suspension is currently on pre-order.
  4. Adult Electric Bike for Mom and Dad. Electric adult bikes 27.5+ have better availability. You can see our entire 27.5" and 29" electric mountain bike lineup from Commencal and Mondraker here.