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Commencal Ramones Best Kids Bike Alternatives

Commencal Ramones Best Kids Bike Alternatives

One of our best-selling kids bikes are the Commencal Ramones line-up of pedal bikes, which come in 16” single speed and the Ramones 20 and 24” 7-speed bikes. Commencal Ramones are made from high-quality aluminum designed to be durable and withstand the rigors your young rider will put them through. The Commencal Ramones have wide tires that provide excellent grip and traction on a variety of surfaces that help make them stable. They come with disc brakes that provide superior stopping power in all conditions for aggressive riding. They are also a great looking bike at an excellent value.

We get asked a lot about what other kids bikes parents should consider when looking at the Commencal Ramones. The answer is always “it depends”. It depends on many factors like type of riding, budget and overall performance. Here are three alternatives we recommend to parents who are considering the Commencal Ramones.

Commencal Ramones

The Commencal Ramones 24"

Frog Kids Bikes: The Lighter Alternative to Commnencal Ramones

Frog bikes kids bike line-up will be the lighter alternative to Commencal. Frog’s smaller pedal bikes like the Frog 53 (20”) and the Frog 44 (16”) will be easier to pedal uphill and easier to handle for a newer rider. They are more hybrid and sidewalk oriented, but can get into the dirt as well. Your young one who is building confidence will find the Frog easier to pedal. On the larger size. Frog also has the Frog 62 (24”), Frog 69” (26”) and Frog 72 (26”), which are all front suspension hardtails that have more aggressive design with disc brakes and ready for any trail. Frog's smaller bikes also come in many different colors, which is very important to young riders. 

Frog 62 MTB Kids Bike

Diamondback Kids Bikes: Excellent Bang for the Buck Alternative to Commancal Ramones

Diamondback kids bikes offer a great alternative at a strong price point without compromising performance. As an example the Diamondback Line 24 MTB kids bike compares well to the Commencal Ramones 24 and should be part of the consideration set. With a SR Suntour fork that performs like the big people’s bikes, giving your ripper-to-be 80mm of front suspension travel. The 24-inch wheels are stiff and stable, shod with aggressive 2.25-inch wide tires: perfect for tearing up the woods. Disc brakes and a wide-range SRAM 1×8 drivetrain are real performance features, underscoring that the Line 24 is a legit mountain bike. 

Diamondback Line Kids Bike

Diamondback Line

Mondraker Kids Bikes: No Compromises Alternative to Commencal Ramones

Mondraker’s Forward geometry places the rider in a more centered position, providing increased stability and control on steep terrain. The Mondraker Factor 24 full-suspension bike is made with the highest quality components such as the X Fusion 100mm air suspension fork, SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain and SRAM hydraulic disc brakes. Mondraker also makes the Grommy 16 Electric Balance bike, the Mondraker Leader 20” 7-speed 20” bike and the Mondraker Factor 26 Kids Bike. 

Mondraker 20" Leader

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