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Woom 5 Bike

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Product Details

Availability:  As a Woom partner, please click this link to purchase the Woom 5 directly from Woom.

The 24" model WOOM 5 delivers adult riding dynamics with an optimized geometry and light profile tires. With its 8 gears it expands the usage spectrum significantly. This model represents the last stage of a bike tailored to children.  Typically ridden by 7-11 yr olds (49-57" tall), the Woom 5 is made using only high quality and light components, with an overall weight of 19lb 3oz (8.7kg).

What we love about this bike:  

  • A lightweight, intelligent design, taking into the size and ergonomics of children, to design a bike that makes riding easier and more fun.
  • The “small hand reach” brakes, which enable even the smallest of hands to brake safely and with minimum effort.
  • The high quality of manufacturing. This bike is lightweight yet super durable. Made to last so it can be passed down from child to child or re-sold.
  • Woom is a sustainable company that values safety, ergonomics, handling, design, and non-toxic parts to create environmentally friendly bikes for kids.

Bike Details | Bike Geometry | Assembly & Manuals | Warranty Info


The Frame

The superlight AA-6061 alloy combined with an agile seat and handlebar angle is offering superb handling and fit. The frame is protected by high quality and toxic free powder coating..

The Fork

The high quality Unicrown fork is made out of ChroMoly steel and delivers direct steering with maximum damping. 

The Cockpit

The stem and headset made from alloy reduce the weight of the bike and enable a low center of gravity of the bike by delivering a high level of flexibility and adjustment. The High quality V-brakes front and rear as well as the SRAM shifter with gear display will make kids excited.

The Seat

The robust and toxic free seat is mounted to a seatpost which has two screw mounting to enables an easy adjustment to find the perfect seat position. A quick release seat post clamp makes it easy and quick to adjust the saddle height. A safety window in the seat tube shows very clearly how high the saddle can be raised to reach its maximum. 

The Drive

The weldet WOOM alloy crank together with the sealed bottom bracket and the double chain protection rings fulfils the highest standards of safety, durability and drivability.

The 8 speed SRAM shifter enables steep hill climbing and makes even steep uphills enjoyable for the kids.

The Wheels

The super light WOOM SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS alloy rims with industry bearing hubs and Nirospokes offer minimum rolling resistance. Together with the Kenda Small Block tires tires extra damping is provided while delivering perfect traction in off road terrain. 

The Options

A special WOOM bell as well as the namesticker made out of mirroring foil with the child´s name are available options for this bike.


For the bike enthusiasts, here the details:

Bike Weight:  19lb 3oz (without pedals)

A Wheel/ Tire size 24" F Wheelbase 95.5 cm
B Cockpit / Grip height 85.0 cm G Crank length  140 mm
C Steering angle 71° H Seattube angle 73°
D Medium standing height  61.0 cm I Minimum Seat height 68.5 cm
E Horizontal toptube length  49.0 cm  J Maximum Seat height  90.0 cm



WOOM Bikes are expertly prepared and almost completely assembled when they are shipped. Only a few small adjustments are necessary to get the bike ready to ride. Assembly instructions along with the necessary tools are included. 

  1. Install the front wheel. 
  2. Attach the head set and tighten the 6mm bolt firmly using the allen wrench. 
  3. Adjust brake 
  4. Install Pedals 
  5. Adjust saddle height and ready to go

  Here are manuals and videos to help ensure you know exactly what you need to do. 


Woom Bikes come with a 90 day money back guarantee.  If your product does not meet your expectations (too large, too small etc.), you can return the product within 90 days - no questions asked.

5 Year Warranty

In addition, Woom Bikes offers a 5 year Warranty period for frame and fork and 24 months on all components. They cover any obvious defects - not covered are damages caused by crashes or mis-usage of the products. All you need to do is send a picture of the damage and we will help you quickly. In case you break something or get a part stolen from your bike, you can buy all components from us at cost. Please contact us through email

Watch an informative video describing Woom's Warranty:

 Woom Warranty

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