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Woom 2 Free Wheeling Kit



Product Details

WOOM 2 is supplied with two hand brakes and a coaster brake.  The reasons are simple:  Bikes of this size are required to have coaster brakes installed.  The coaster brake is required by federal law.  When your child becomes more experienced with hand braking and no longer needs to rely on the coaster brake you can have a mechanic retro fit the bike with this kit and remove the coaster brake functionality and use the two hand brakes only.  Size 14".  

Our solution is simple and easy:

Bikes will be sold with two hand brakes and a coaster brake.   We are offering a "free wheeling kit" which will be sold along with the bike for children that are more experienced with bikes.  It can be easily installed by a professional bike shop or certified mechanic. Special tools are needed for the installation of this kit.  Do not attempt to install this on your own. 

Purchase this free wheeling kit and we will ship it along with the bike.  

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