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Woom Original 4,5, and 6 Assembly Instructions

Woom 4, 5, and 6 Assembly Guide

Woom 4, 5, 6 Assembly Instructions

Tools Needed

  • 4 mm Allen wrench (included)
  • 15 mm wrench (included)


Step 1: Unbox Your Woom Bike

  1. Carefully remove all parts from the box.
  2. Ensure you have the following components:
    • Frame with rear wheel attached
    • Handlebar
    • Front wheel
    • Saddle with seat post
    • Pedals
    • Allen wrench
    • 15 mm wrench

Step 2: Insert the Handlebar

  1. Insert the handlebar into the stem.
  2. Ensure the handlebar is centered and aligned properly with the front fork.


Step 3: Secure the Handlebar

  1. Use the 4 mm Allen wrench to tighten the stem bolts.
  2. Make sure the handlebar is firmly secured and aligned correctly.


Step 4: Install the Front Wheel

  1. Position the front wheel into the front fork.
  2. Ensure the wheel is centered in the fork.


Step 5: Secure the Front Wheel

  1. Use the 15 mm wrench to tighten the axle nuts.
  2. Spin the wheel to ensure it is properly aligned and spins freely.


Step 6: Insert the Seat Post

  1. Insert the seat post into the frame.
  2. Adjust the seat height to your child's preference.


Step 7: Secure the Seat Post

  1. Tighten the seat clamp using the 4 mm Allen wrench.
  2. Ensure the saddle is level and properly aligned.


Step 8: Identify the Pedals

  1. Identify the pedals: The pedals are labeled "L" for left and "R" for right.


Step 9: Attach the Pedals

  1. Screw the right pedal clockwise into the right crank arm.
  2. Screw the left pedal counterclockwise into the left crank arm.


Step 10: Secure the Pedals

  1. Use the 15 mm wrench to tighten the pedals securely.


Final Checks

  1. Ensure all bolts are securely tightened.
  2. Check the alignment of the handlebars, wheels, and saddle.
  3. Test ride the bike to ensure everything is working correctly.