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Frog Bike Assembly & Support

Congratulations on the purchase of your Frog Bike, one of the highest quality kids bikes on the market today.  Here are a few resources to help get your child out riding as quickly as possible.  

Safety First

Our bike techs check over every bike before it leaves our warehouse.  However, things can occasionally shift during shipping.  We recommend doing a complete safety check before your child ever gets on the bike.  Once you've assembled the bike, ensure both wheels are secure.  Ensure the handlebars are centered and secure.  Test the front AND back brakes.  If you are uncertain your assembly is correct, we recommend taking your bike to a licensed mechanic to do a safety check for you.

Frog Bike Assembly Resources 


Frog Assembly VideoFrog Assembly Video: this is a YouTube video we've created with a step-by-step guide for a Frog 40 & 48 assembly. Although this video shows the assembly for the single speed Frog 40/48 bikes, much of the assembly is the same or very similar for the 8-speed Frog 52/55/62/69 bikes, as they require the same steps: installing the front wheel, attaching the front brakes, mounting the handlebar and installing the pedals. This is likely the most useful resource as you can visually see our professional bike technician walk through each step of assembly.

Frog Bike Manual
“Your New Frog Bike” Manual
: this is a general assembly guide for all Frog bikes.

Frog Owners Manual
Frog Owner’s Manual: this is the formal "Owner's Manual" that covers all Frog bikes. It contains extensive details on all of their bikes, but is probably less helpful for assembly.

Frog Bike Mudguard Installation
Frog Mudguard Installation Instructions
:  most of our customers don't use the mudguards unless they are in a particularly rainy climate (it just adds unnecessary weight to the bike). In case you do, these will help you install them.  

Frog KickstandKickstand Installation Video: This video shows you how to install your Frog kickstand on your bike.


Resources our Customers have Found Helpful:

How to Connect Your Front Brake:  This YouTube Video by Tredz Bikes shows how to disconnect and connect a V Brake.

How to Install a Quick Release Front Wheel:  This YouTube Video by Bicycles Online shows you how to install a front wheel with a quick wheel. 

Brake Adjustmentevery Frog bike does have its brakes professionally adjusted by our bike technicians before shipping to you. Occasionally the brakes shift during shipping.  If you are very comfortable working on a bike, our bike techs recommend this video to assist you in adjusting the brakes on your Frog bike. Although the video isn't specifically a Frog Bike, it does include the same brand of brakes (Tektro) as you have. You can start a few minutes in, as the start to the video is about brake installation and unnecessary (although watching the entire video can be helpful in understanding how they work).   If you are not comfortable adjusting your own brakes, for safety purposes, please give us a call and we'll help get it resolved for you. 

Have a question about your bike?  Let us know and we're happy to assist you!