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Bell vs. Bern vs. Giro Bike Helmets

Bell, Bern, and Giro are all well-known and respected brands in the world of bike helmets. Each brand offers a wide range of options, catering to different activities, styles, and preferences. Here's a comparison of these brands:

  1. Bell Helmets: Bell has a long history of producing high-quality helmets for various sports, including biking. They offer helmets for both adults and children, with models suitable for road cycling, mountain biking, and recreational riding. Bell helmets often incorporate advanced safety technologies such as MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) and Fusion In-Mold construction for lightweight and durable designs. They provide adjustable fit systems, good ventilation, and a range of sizes and colors to choose from.
  2. Bern Helmets: Bern is known for its stylish and versatile helmets suitable for various outdoor activities, including biking, skateboarding, and skiing. They offer helmets for both adults and children, with designs that prioritize safety, comfort, and aesthetics. Bern helmets often feature adjustable fit systems, multiple vents for ventilation, and optional accessories like winter liners.

  3. Giro Helmets: Giro is a renowned brand that offers helmets for various sports, including road cycling, mountain biking, and downhill biking. They provide a diverse range of helmets for different riding styles and preferences. Giro helmets are known for their cutting-edge technologies, such as MIPS, Roc Loc fit systems for easy adjustment, and in-mold construction for lightweight designs. They also offer ample ventilation, sleek aesthetics, and a wide range of sizes and colors.

When choosing between these brands, it's essential to consider factors such as safety certifications, proper fit, comfort, and personal preferences. Remember to try helmets on and assess how well they fit your head shape and size, as each brand may have slightly different helmet designs that cater to different head shapes. Additionally, always prioritize helmets that meet recognized safety standards, such as CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) or ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certification. Check out our Helmet's sizing chart guide



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