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Aventon Level.2 Commuter Ebike vs. Mondraker Thundra X Electric Bike

Both the Aventon Level.2 and the Mondraker Thundra X are top-notch electric bicycles, yet they serve different functions. The Aventon Level.2 is geared more for errand-running and commuting only. While the Mondraker Thundra is a more performance-oriented and versatile bike that is better for light off-road riding, commuting and urban riding.

Aventon Electric Bikes
Mondraker Thundra X Electric bike

Here is a more detailed comparison of the two bikes:


A 750W mid-drive Bafang motor powers the Aventon Level.2. A Shimano Steps E7000 motor powers the Mondraker Thundra X. Shimano Steps motors are renowned for their quiet, long-lasting and sprightly functioning.


The Aventon Level.2 has a 500Wh battery. This is a good size battery for most riders. The Mondraker Thundra X has a more powerful Simplo, integrated 630 Wh battery, both seamlessly concealed inside a durable frame to handle the rigors of mountain bike riding. An optional Simplo 360Wh battery can be attached to the top portion of the downtube for easy extension to 990Wh range. 




The Aventon Level.2 weighs 44 pounds. This is a bit heavy for an electric bike, but it is still manageable. The Mondraker Thundra X weighs 46 pounds. This is a bit heavier than the Aventon Level.2, but it is still within the average weight range for an electric bike.


The Aventon Level.2 costs $2,499. This is a good price for an electric bike with the features it offers. The Mondraker Thundra X costs $3,699 at Ready, Set, Pedal and provides a much richer riding experience across all types of riding. Ready, Set, Pedal provides a full inventory of high performance kids and adult electric bikes


The Mondraker Thundra X is a more performance-oriented bike that is ideal for off-road riding. The best bike for you will depend on your needs and preferences and riding syles.