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Woom Bikes

Looking for the highest quality bicycle for your child?  Look at Woom Bikes, the best bikes available to inspire your small cyclist to love riding!

Woom Bikes - Woom 2 Bike in ActionWoom has engineered bicycles carefully taking into account the size and needs of each specific age group.  Their unique attention to detail and high value on quality, safety, ergonomics and handling has resulted in a line of lightweight, extremely high quality children's bicycles.   As a parent, you can be sure that each Woom bike is well-designed, safe and will last to be passed down from child to child.  

Woom bikes are handcrafted with an intelligent bike geometry designed for enhanced stability and easy handing by small children.  Made in Europe and only recently introduced in the United States, we feel these are simply the best kids bikes on the market today.

At Ready, Set, Pedal, we offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL our bikes. We also offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Woom 1 Balance Bike:  18 mo-5 yrs  |  Woom 2 Bike (14"):  3-5 yrs |  Woom 3 Bike (16"):  5-7 yrs |  Woom 4 Bike (20"):  6-9 yrs  |  Woom 5 Bike (24"):  9-13 yrs  |  Woom 6 Bike (26"):  10-14 yrs

Woom Bikes Overview

Woom 1 Balance Bike - Pink Balance BikeThe Woom 1 Balance Bike is the perfect training bike for kids 18 months to age 5.  This bike teaches children balance and coordination first, without having to worry about the pedals. This lightweight balance bike has the added feature of a small hand brake for added safety.  This is one of the best bikes available for 2 year olds.

Woom 2 Bike - Blue 4 Year Old BikeThe Woom 2 Bike is the first pedal bike in the Woom bike line.  These 14 inch bikes are only 13 lbs, enabling kids as early as 3 years old to maneuver and ride a pedal bike. The bike's unique design enhances stability and helps children build confidence as they begin to combine pedaling with balance.  The “small hand reach” brakes enable even the smallest of hands to brake safely and with minimum effort. A unique "free wheel option" is available enabling you to eliminate the coaster brake.  If previously on a balance bike, many 3 and 4 year olds learn to pedal the Woom 2 bike within a few days.

Woom 3 BikeThe Woom 3 Bike is the perfect 16 inch girls and boys bike.  Designed for 5 - 7 year olds, the Woom 3 bike frame has a low center of gravity in conjunction with the high cockpit to create a stable, good-natured geometry that helps children to further improve their riding skills.  Your child's biking adventures and their smiles will grow on their Woom 3.

The Woom 4 Bike is a 20 inch bike designed for boys and girls 6 - 9 years old.   Lightweight, durable and available in all the fun Woom colors, the Woom 4 is guaranteed to excite your child!  With three choices, the Woom 4, Woom 4 City and the Woom 4 Supra, there is sure to be a bike perfect for your child.

Woom 5 Bike - Woom 5 SupraThe Woom 5 Bike, Woom 5 City Bike and Woom 5 Supra Bike are 24 inch bikes engineered for 9-13 year old children. Lightweight and available in a range of colors, your child will remember their Woom bike forever.

Woom 6 Bike - Purple Woom BikeMost recently, the Woom 6 Bike, Woom 6 City Bike and Woom 6 Supra Bike have been added to the Woom bike line to add a 26 inch bike perfect for your 10-14 year old kids.

In addition to designing beautiful, high end children's bicycles, Woom is committed to being a green company, centered on sustainability and a healthy environment. 

Please let us know at Ready, Set, Pedal Customer Service if we can answer any questions about Woom bikes for you.  

We are proud to offer Woom bikes for sale and are happy to help you find the right bicycle for your child!