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Free shipping on accessories orders over $50. FREE Shipping on select Frog Bikes!

Pedal Bike Size Guide

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Need a kids bike size chart? When moving up from a balance bike it is important to determine the correct size pedal bike to purchase for your kid, take into account the following:

Bike Stand Over Height:  

Your child should be able to stand flat footed with at least 1" over the bike frame.  Measure your child's inseam with shoes on. Compare to the height of the middle section of the top tube of the frame.

Seat Stand Over Height:  

If your child is just learning to ride a pedal bike, compare the height of the lowest seat setting with your child's inseam measurement. Your child needs to be able to touch on solid tippy toes with their bum on the seat. If your child can't touch the ground when they're on the seat, learning will be difficult and intimidating. It requires too much coordination for a young child if they have to balance, pedal to gain speed, and move their body up onto the seat all at once. Being able to start with their bum on the seat with their toes touching for balance builds confidence and sets your child up for successful pedaling.


Overall Bike Weight:  

Try to find a bike that weighs less than 30% of the weight of your child.

Rider Ability:

Every parent hopes to buy a bike that will last as long as possible before their child outgrows it. However, if your child is timid on a bike, it is extremely important to purchase a bike the correct size as riding a bike that is too large can make a timid child even more frightened.  If your child is a more confident rider, you may be able to push the limit and purchase a bigger bike, knowing it may be more difficult for your child when starting and stopping initially.  Sometimes the advantages of getting up to the next  size are totally worth it!  Larger wheels roll over obstacles better and the switch to 20" bikes with gears help tremendously with hill climbing.

Balance Bike 12-14 Inch Bike 14-16 Inch Bike

18-20 Inch


20-24 Inch Bike 24-26 Inch Bike

Child Age (yrs)

1.5 -  3.5y 3 - 4.5y  4 - 6y  6 - 8y  7 - 11y  10 - 14y

Child Height (in)



32 - 39"



37 - 43"



41 - 47"



45 - 51"



49 - 57"



55 - 65"




You can't decide between 14 inch and 16 inch kids bike?

Choosing the right size depends on several factors: body size, previous experience on a balance / pedal bike, skill and a lot of other factors. If your child does not have any experience on a pedal bike and falls within the recommended size of the 14" bike, we recommend the smaller 14" as the first bike. If your child can already ride a bike and is slightly below the recommended size for the 16" bicycle, then your child will be able to ride the 16" bike.

You can't decide between a 16" and a 20"?
If your child is within the size range for the 16" bike and has never pedaled before, go with the 16" bike.  If a child knows how to ride, and is slightly below the required inseam for a 20" bike, go with the 20" bike.  If you are trying to get your child into a 20" bike with gears, but they aren't quite tall enough, try looking at the Frog 52 8-Speed Bicycle or the Cleary Owl 20" 3 Speed Bike.  Both of these options are great for those kids on the smaller side.  If your child is taller, but has never ridden, check out the Frog 52s Bicycle, a lightweight, single speed 20" bicycle, great for taller first time pedalers.

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