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Frog Bikes FAQs

When comparing kids bikes brands, Frog Bikes often leads because of their renowned reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality, lightweight, and kid-friendly bicycles. 

Where are Frog bikes made?

Frog bikes are manufactured in Taiwan like most bike brands, but they are assembled near their headquarters in the UK. Frog Bikes can be purchased directly from the world's leading kids bike shop, Ready, Set, Pedal and shipped anywhere in the US, Canada and worldwide.

What age range do Frog Bikes cater to? Frog Bikes offers a range of bikes for children of various age groups, typically starting from balance bikes for toddlers up to larger 26" bikes for older kids.

Are Frog Bikes better than Woom?

All-in Frog can provide a better riding experience and Ready, Set, Pedal provides the leading parent buying experience for kids bike in the industry. Learn why Frog Bikes should top your shopping list. 

Are Frog Bikes suitable for beginners? Yes, Frog Bikes are designed with beginner riders in mind. They often feature lightweight frames and easy-to-use components to make learning how to ride a bike a positive experience for children.

What makes Frog Bikes different from other brands? Frog Bikes differentiates itself by its commitment to creating bikes specifically tailored for children. They focus on factors such as weight, geometry, and ergonomics to ensure a bike that is comfortable and easy for kids to handle. For more information check out our blog post why we love Frog Bikes.

Are Frog Bikes environmentally friendly? It's essential to check with the company for their specific environmental policies. Many modern bike manufacturers, including Frog Bikes, are increasingly considering eco-friendly practices in their production processes.

Does Frog Bikes Make Kids Road Bikes?

Yes, Frog is the leading brand for kids road bikes. They are the only manufacturer to make 20", 24" and 26" kids road bikes. 

Where can I purchase Frog Bikes? Ready, Set, Pedal is the leading retailer of Frog Bikes.

Do Frog Bikes come with a warranty? Frog Bikes often provide a warranty on their products. Check with the retailer or the official Frog Bikes website for details on the warranty coverage and terms.

How do I maintain and care for my Frog Bike? Ready, Set, Pedal provide assembly instructions, maintenance guidelines and tips. Regularly check the bike for any loose parts, keep it clean, and ensure that it's stored in a suitable environment to prolong its lifespan.