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Lightweight Kids Bikes

At Ready, Set, Pedal, our goal is to help you find a bicycle that will make your child excited to ride.  The most important thing aside from the right bicycle size/fit, is the weight of the bike.  Imagine pedaling a bicycle that weighs the same or more than you do up a hill.  Pretty rough.  Yet, this is what many bicycle manufacturer's are expecting our children to do.  

Our rule of thumb is to try find a bike that weighs less than 30% of your child's weight.  The lighter the bike, the better.  A 13 lb bike will be much easier for your 39 lbs child to pedal than a 25 lb bike.  Not only isn't it fun to heft that much weight up a hill, a lighter bike is much easier for a small child to turn, maneuver and balance.  When it's easier to ride and control, a child's confidence is increased and typically, so is their enthusiasm for riding. 

Learn more about Frog Lightweight Kids Bikes.  Available from a 10" balance bike to an award-winning 26" mountain bike.