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Best Kids Front Suspension Mountain Bikes

The price range for front suspension kids' mountain bikes can vary widely, from inexpensive models found at big-box stores for $100 to popular bike shop models costing around $600, all the way up to high-end electric mountain bikes that can cost over $3,500. This range exists because a "mountain bike" can serve different purposes for different riders. The size of the bike also will determine the price range. The smaller the bike the lower the price.

Choosing the best kids' mountain bike depends on the type of riding your child plans to do and where they will be doing it. Are they interested in simply cruising around the neighborhood on a rugged and cool-looking bike, or do they want to take on beginner-level dirt trails?

It's important to note that a $100 mountain bike, even with suspension, is not equipped or designed for trail riding. Conversely, a high-end $1200 kids' mountain bike may be overkill for a child who primarily rides around the neighborhood. If you are looking for a lightweight kids neighborhood bike check out this article.  In this article we'll cover the best front suspension mountain bikes available designed for more aggressive trail riding from Ready, Set, Pedal right now.

Commencal 24"

1) The Commencal Kids Meta HT 20 is a high-quality kids front suspension mountain bike which features a lightweight aluminum frame, hydraulic disc brakes for optimal stopping power, and a 1x drivetrain with a wide range of gears to tackle any terrain. The 20-inch wheels and suspension fork ensure a smooth ride on rough trails, while the bike's overall design promotes comfort and control for young riders. With its exceptional build quality and impressive performance capabilities, the Commencal Kids Meta HT 20 is a top choice for parents looking to invest in a reliable and durable mountain bike for their child.

Price: $1300

Diamondback Line 24

2) The Diamondback Line 24 is a versatile hardtail mountain bike that kids can grow with as their skills and interests evolve. It's built to handle the demands of both real mountain bike trails and everyday use around the neighborhood, with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame that's virtually indestructible. An SR Suntour fork provides 80mm of front suspension travel, similar to larger bikes, and the 24-inch wheels with 2.25-inch wide tires offer excellent stability and traction on any terrain. The Line 24 features high-performance disc brakes and a wide-range SRAM 1x8 drivetrain, making it a legitimate mountain bike in a smaller size. Overall, the Diamondback Line 24 is an ideal choice for parents seeking a quality bike that can keep up with their child's cycling adventures.

Price: $599

Diamondback Sync'r 24

3) The Diamondback's Sync'r 24 is a high-performance 24" mountain bike designed for up-and-coming trail riders. It boasts top-of-the-line components that give your little ripper everything they need to take their skills to the next level. The 24-inch wheels and low-slung geometry offer an ideal fit and handling for smaller riders, while the 6061 aluminum alloy construction ensures durability and longevity. The Sync'r 24 features premium components typically found on larger bikes, such as a SRAM SX Eagle 1x12 drivetrain, 80mm Suntour fork, and Shimano hydraulic brakes, providing young riders with maximum control and reliability on any terrain. This model is suitable for riders between 53"-62" tall and aged approximately 8-12 years old. With an SR Suntour XCM 80mm travel fork that absorbs roots and rocks, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes for excellent control, and an SX 1x12 speed drivetrain that's both durable and reliable, young riders can focus on what matters most: the ride ahead.

Price: $799

4) The Commencal Kids Meta Power 24 is the ultimate bike for riding with your little ones. Commencal has designed a bike that perfectly suits their small body shapes, so they can keep up with you on every adventure. Equipped with a powerful SHIMANO E7000 engine, this bike can tackle any terrain. The 418WH battery offers an impressive range, and with three assistance modes, kids can adjust their effort based on the challenge ahead.

The bike's components are carefully selected to match the program of the bike and the needs of young riders. The MANITOU Machete Junit Pro 24 120mm fork was developed by Commencal's engineers in collaboration with MANITOU to reduce friction and ensure the travel is fully used, even on small impacts. The 150mm cranks and 75mm KS dropper seat post are perfectly sized for little legs, while the SRAM GX 10-speed transmission makes shifting easy. The 27mm diameter PROTAPER grips are ideal for small hands, and the SHIMANO Deore brakes with 180mm rotors provide reliable stopping power in any situation.

Price: $3200

Frog 72 Mountain Bike
5) The Frog 72 mountain bike is designed to tackle any terrain, from dirt to rocks, bumps, and jumps. With its lightweight yet robust frame, your child can easily maneuver through turns, climb hills, and conquer all kinds of challenging terrains. Unlike other kids' mountain bikes, the Frog MTB 72 comes with a front fork that responds to the lightweight of the rider, providing them with the best suspension experience possible. Your child will feel like they are playing an entirely new sport when they ride the Frog 72. The bike also features an oversize handlebar and stem, junior-specific hydraulic brakes, a Shimano rapid-fire 9-speed shift lever, patented Frog cranks for easy pedaling, Kenda MTB tires, and a quick-release seat post for easy height adjustment. Plus, it comes with a free 5-year warranty on the frame.
Price: $979
Frog 69 Mountain Bike

6) The Frog 69 is an award-winning kids' mountain bike that offers a lightweight and agile ride with a responsive front suspension. This 26" wheel junior mountain bike is perfect for off-road cycling on multiple terrains. The lightweight frame is strong and durable, allowing your child to easily maneuver around turns, climb hills, and ride over any terrain. The Frog MTB 69 front fork is designed to respond to small kids' weight and provides excellent suspension that will make your child feel like they're playing a whole new sport.

Features include:

  • Lightweight and sturdy frame
  • Frog Bikes junior-specific 26" air suspension fork with lockout and damping control
  • Lightweight oversize handlebar and stem
  • Easy-reach junior-specific hydraulic brakes
  • Shimano rapid-fire 9-speed shift lever
  • Patented Frog cranks for easier pedaling
  • Quick-release seat post for easy height adjustment
  • Kenda MTB tires
  • Free 5-year warranty on the frame

Recommended for children aged 10-12 years old with a minimum inseam of 69 cm (27").


7) The Commencal Meta HT XS Mountain Bike is the perfect semi-rigid enduro bike designed for smaller riders who seek to venture off the beaten path, tackle technical trails or engage in urban missions. It retains the successful formula of its adult and kids' versions. The META HT XS is equipped with 27.5/26-inch wheels, providing excellent clearance and confidence at the front, while allowing for a more playful rear-end with better grip.

The frame of the META HT XS has been meticulously designed for maximum comfort and dynamism. The tubes of the rear triangle are constructed to generate vertical flex and promote comfort. It features slacker steerer and seat angles for greater stability, and a lower cockpit for easier handling.

Price: $2200

When choosing a front suspension bicycle for your child, it's recommended to allocate a generous budget. In general, the more you invest in a bike, the smoother and simpler it will be for your child to ride, the less maintenance it will demand, and the more durability it will offer.

Usually, recreational front suspension mountain bikes that are of decent quality can be found starting around $600 depending on size. However, if you're looking for true mountain bikes with quality components, you can expect to spend around $1000 or more.