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Toddler Balance Bikes vs. Training Wheels

Toddler Balance Bikes vs. Training Wheels

When teaching your toddler to ride you may be tempted to want to prevent your them from falling and want to install training wheels as a way to build riding confidence. This desire deprives kids of developing a balanced foundation, the key to learning to ride in the first place.

Toddler balance bikes provide a balance dedicated bike, making the toddler fully focused on developing the skills and confidence to ride from day one. A toddler, as early as 2-3 years old, with a balance bike sets the foundation for skills such as steering and pedaling. 

Toddler Balance Bike Components And Parts

Balance bikes remove components such as pedals or drivetrains but maintains an adjustable seat post. As they get more confident, the seat can be raised to improve balance.

Pedal bikes are aimed at children at a more advanced stage of their lives and pedal bikes with training wheels can overwhelm a toddler with components out of reach from their developing motor skills. 

Balance Bike tires should be inflatable for proper cushioning. If they’re knobby, expect a grippier and slower rolling resistance, while street tires will provide a faster ride. Brakes shouldn’t be much of a concern as the child can learn to stop with their feet and the contact points should provide enough cushioning in the seat and the grips to avoid soreness. The bike frame may come in different materials, aluminum, plastic, or wood. We suggest aluminum or wood for its durability and weight to provide a sturdy and nimble bike.

Our Favorite Balance Bikes

When it comes to balance bikes, the brand Strider carries the essentials as well as add-ons for first-time balance bike buyers. Commencal offers burlier, bomb-proof, balance bikes. Early Rider is ideal for those looking into long-lasting balance bikes with the right build to provide a fast and safe ride for children.

Main Takeaways

Teaching a child the right biking skills can be done at an early stage with the right progression. Balance bikes help develop the base skills for riding a real bike. Toddlers are not fully in charge of their motor skills and need to be properly trained as they become fully dominant in their motor skills. To learn more about the benefits of balance bike read more why balance bikes are the best way for a toddler to learn to ride

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