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Kids Bike Size Chart

Kids Bike Size Chart

Finding which bike size fits your kid is a bit different than sizing adult bikes. First, kids bikes are sized by wheel size instead of frame size. Secondly, even though everything is filtered by wheel size for kids the stand over and seat height are critical for your rider to be comfortable on a bike. Finally, always use the advertised age range as a guide and not an absolute as kids vary in size drastically.

16 inch bikes

Step 1 ) The inseam measurement is the most critical measurement to fitting a child for a bike. Please take the time to measure the rider’s inside leg. It’s easy to measure:

  • Stand the child in socks against a wall
  • Place a small book between their legs, as high as is comfortable
  • Ask the child to move away and measure from the top of the book to the floor.

Step 2) Check the seat height and stand over Height of the manufacturer.  Ready, Set, Pedal provides the manufacturers' kid bike sizing charts when available on all our product pages. 

    • Seat Height: Younger riders will want to be able to touch the ground with no issue while sitting on the seat, and more advanced riders will want to at least be able to touch with their tippy toes. If your child can't touch the ground when they're on the seat, learning will be difficult and intimidating. Being able to start with their bum on the seat with their toes touching for balance builds confidence and sets your child up for successful pedaling.
    • Stand Over Height: Your child should be able to stand flat footed with at least 1" over the bike frame.  Measure your child's inseam with shoes on. Compared to the height of the middle section of the top tube of the frame.

Step 3) Use The Official Ready, Set, Pedal Sizing Chart as a guide to help narrow your search.  

Kids bike sizing chart

What if your child falls between sizes? Our general recommendation is to move up if your child has good riding ability. They will likely get used to it and grow into the bike in fairly short order. If they are not yet confident in riding it’s best to size down. 

Finally, size is not the only thing that matters. Remember your little one must be able to pedal the bike. Ready, Set, Pedal specializes in offering lighter weight kids bikes. If you are shopping on another site and the weight is not listed it is best to move-on.   

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