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Woom 2 Original Kids Bike (14" Single Speed)

by Woom
Original price $399.00 - Original price $418.90
Original price $399.00
$359.10 - $414.00
Current price $399.00
Style: Coaster Brake (Installed)
Color: Woom Red

Learning to ride a bike is as easy as one, two, three

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Suzanne B.
United States

Great service, fast shipping

We had fantastic, thoughtful customer care, and fast, free shipping on a very high quality bicycle at a competitive price. I would highly recommend this company.

Camila F.
United States

The service was outstanding

I realized after I placed the order that I needed to change the shipping priority. I sent an email late at night and got a response saying I'd get a call the next day. Sure enough, I received the call in the morning. I was able to make the changes to my order so easily over the phone. We got the bike just in time for my daughter's birthday. Less than two weeks later, she learned how to ride it all by herself (just needs a little help starting). It's perfect! Love the bike.

Ready, Set, Pedal Woom 2 Bike Review
Vera H.
United States

In two weeks my girl started to ride this bike on her own!

First I have to say the customer service is excellent. I had some doubts about buying this bike for my 5.5 year old girl (maybe too small, maybe Frog bike would be better etc.). They patiently answered all my questions and helped me to make a decision that I was happy with. They insured me that I could exchange this bike for another one if it was too small or we did not like it, including free shipping back. Thank you for all your help! My girl is very small for her age. She is 40", 33lbs...grows steady, but pretty slow. She started with 12" wooden balance bike at age two (we had to switch wheels for smaller ones so she could reach the ground). It is light and she is dare devil on it. She would fit on this bike for another two years probably. We have decided it was time to buy her regular bike. My two requirements for new bike were: 1) no training wheels and 2) able to fully reach the ground with her feet". We went to local bike shop and returned home with 16" aluminum bike with training wheels where she was not able to reach the ground....What was I thinking???? My girl loved that she could "ride'" it herself in the store, she would "grow into it" as they said and anyway they did not have what I was looking for in the store...I returned the bike after two months of barely using it. My girl was scared riding it outside, she could not cut curves as she was used to do it with her balance bike and mostly ended up walking back to the car. She did not want to go ride bike anymore... I deiced to find and buy bike over Internet. I prefer to try things first before I buy them, but it did not seem to go well for me with the last bike, so I gave it a try. I came across 14" Woom 2 and it had everything what I wanted (plus purple color as an extra bonus for my daughter). She loved the color of the bike, but did not like it because the bike had pedals on it. I thought that she could use it as a balance bike with pedals. She did not like my idea so we took pedals off...and she started to be dare devil on this "balance bike". After a week we asked her to try the pedals again. Just once, so she can rest her feet on it while going down gentle hill at the end of the road. She was not happy about it, but agreed. We put pedals on and she just started to pedal. No warning like "I will try to ride the bike to the end of the road" or "get your camera ready - one mile stone is going to happened". She just left us "in dust", speechless. Two days into pedaling and we go twice a day in the park, riding back and forth 2 mile loop for an hour. She actually asks me to go and does not care if there is 80F outside. I cannot say enough about this bike. It gave my girl love of riding bike back again. And made her so proud that she is able to pedal on her own. This bike is very light. She can easily pick it up and turn around if she cannot do wide turn.She is able to stop in the middle of the hill and the weight of the bike is not pushing her down the hill. She loves the bell that it came with :). The seat is padded very well. With previous balance bike, after long ride, she had trouble to go to *** as it burn her because the seat rubbed her wrong way, even thou we put extra seat cushion on it. Not with this bike while she used it as balance bike. The seat of the bike has another 4-5" for my girl to grow. She will definitely use it next year. I was deciding between Woom 2 and Frog 43. I was not sure about the shape of handle bars on Woom 2. The Frog 43 has them in similar style to our previous wooden balance bike, looking more as an adult style bike and I thought she might prefer that position of body better, but she actually prefers Woom 2 style of handle bars. The bike comes installed with a coaster break. I have ordered Free Wheeling Kit with the bike. We changed it for free wheel second day my girl started to pedal. The coaster break was creating a problem for her as she was trying to rest her feet on pedals going down the hill and was actually engaging a coaster break by accident, causing bike to slide and slow down. Changing to free wheel took care of this problem. The bike comes semi-assembled. It took my husband maximum of 15 minutes to put it together. The installation instructions are pretty straight forward and if I remember it correctly he needed to put handle bars on (hand breaks are already set), pedals and seat. The most time we spent on unpacking the bike as it was packed really good against any damage:). Is it worth to spend $350 on the bike for little kid that she may use for 2 years? For us...absolutely! She would learn how to ride eventually, when she would grow big enough and strong enough to handle bike of her age group. But this lightweight, small bike made it possible for her now and we can start new era of adventures. Plus I believe we will not have any problem in the future to re-sell this bike and buy bigger. I just wish we bought her this bike last year. As you can tell I highly recommend this bike :).

United States

Woom 2 - Great First Pedal Bike

Love this bike. Great quality, light weight, pretty to look at. It is the envy of the neighborhood kids. Our daughter was able to ride this bike on her own within 30 minutes...amazing! Seat is adjustable down to 16", even lower than we were expecting. This made it even easier for our short and small child. Our 4 year old loves the bike, and is able to ride it easily 100% on her own.

United States


I bought the woom 2 to my daughter but I think it's just her size a little bit small, than I change, and the store was wonderful with the return, they was very helpful. So I bought the woom 3, and is perfect to her, she stay on tiptoe but the bike is so light that she can stay balanced. It's beautiful, the breaks on the hand is too easyoung to use, and she loves the kickstand because she can put her bike bisede mine! I'm very happy!

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