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The History of Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback Bikes is a brand of bicycles that was founded in 1977 in Camarillo, California. The company was started by Western States Imports, a bicycle distributor that saw an opportunity to create its own brand of bicycles. The Diamondback brand quickly gained popularity in the BMX community, with its first model, the Diamondback Senior Pro, becoming one of the most popular BMX bikes of the late 1970s and early 1980s.

In the mid-1980s, Diamondback bikes expanded its product line to include mountain bikes, which were becoming increasingly popular. The company's first mountain bike, the Ridge Runner, was a hit and helped establish Diamondback as a major player in the mountain bike market.

Classic Diamondback Ridge Runner

Throughout the 1990s, Diamondback continued to expand its product line, introducing new models of BMX and mountain bikes, as well as road bikes and hybrid bikes. In 1999, the company was acquired by Raleigh USA, a subsidiary of the Accell Group, a Dutch bike manufacturer.

Under Raleigh USA, Diamondback bikes continued to innovate and expand its product line. In 2008, the company introduced its first full-suspension mountain bike, the Mission, which was praised for its performance and value. Diamondback also introduced a line of carbon fiber road bikes, which were designed for competitive racing.

In recent years, Diamondback has continued to innovate and expand its product line. The company has introduced a line of electric bikes, which are becoming increasingly popular among commuters and recreational riders. Diamondback has also focused on creating bikes specifically for women, with its Women's specific design (WSD) line, which includes mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrids.

Today, Diamondback Bikes is one of the leading bicycle brands in the world, known for its innovative designs, high-quality components, and affordable prices. The company continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of cycling, and remains a favorite among riders of all levels and disciplines. 

Diamondback Kids Bikes

Diamondback's Kids bike lineup of Mountain bikes are in a class of their own. Diamondback's Kids Bike mission is to create bikes that are as confidence-inspiring, easy, and fun to ride as possible.

Diamondback Division

All Diamondback Kids bikes are 100% engineered for kids from the start. The company's bikes feature exceptionally low minimum seat heights and low bottom brackets. This geometry places the rider close to the ground, which helps them feel more confident and learn to ride more easily. The low geometry also lowers the center of gravity, making the bikes safer and more agile.

In addition to the low geometry, Diamondback Kids bikes also feature crank arm lengths that are optimized down to make sure the rider can pedal efficiently and comfortably. The company's bikes also have ultra-narrow q-factors, which means that young legs don't need to be splayed far apart to reach the pedals.

Diamondback Sync'r

Diamondback Kids Bikes lineup is committed to providing kids with the best possible riding experience. The company's bikes are designed to help kids learn to ride safely and confidently, and to have fun doing it. Ready, Set, Pedal is the leading US retailer of kids and adult Diamondback bikes.