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Ready Set Pedal: Get the Most Out of Your Woom Bike - Growing Kids, Lasting Value!

We all know kids grow in leaps and bounds, and Woom community members often ask how long their child can ride a Woom bike before needing to size up. Here at Ready Set Pedal, we have good news!

Long-Lasting Fit & Exceptional Value:

Woom bikes are designed with a smart growth strategy in mind. By purchasing a Woom bike when your child falls at the lower end of the recommended height range, they'll likely have a perfect fit for up to two years. This makes a Woom bike a fantastic investment, even if your child seems to be outgrowing it quickly.

Built to Last, Built to Share:

Woom bikes are renowned for their exceptional quality and durability. They're truly built to last, and not just for one rider! Here's why a Woom bike is a smart long-term investment:

    • Hand-Me-Downs Made Easy: Woom bikes are a popular choice to pass down within families. Thanks to their quality construction, they'll be ready for the next generation of riders.
    • Strong Resale Value: Looking to resell your child's Woom bike? No problem! These bikes hold their value incredibly well. In fact, you can expect to get up to 80% of the original purchase price when selling a slightly used Woom bike locally or online marketplace such as Facebook.

Find the Perfect Fit Today!

Ready to experience the joy of cycling with your child on a Woom bike? Visit Ready Set Pedal today! Our expert staff can help you find the ideal size based on your child's current height and growth pattern. We also have a wide selection of Woom bikes in stock, so your child can find their perfect match.

With a Woom bike from Ready Set Pedal, you're getting a bike that grows with your child, offers exceptional value, and creates lasting memories for the whole family!


"Website is very easy to use and the team was in touch to update me via email within 24 hours of purchase. The post managed to misplace our item here in Australia. However, the team at Ready Set Pedal worked super hard and fast to help me locate the item even though it was out of their control. We got the bike just in time for Christmas! Thank you, thank you!

Verified Review by Robert L.

(Frog 44 First Pedal Bike)

"This is our four year olds second bike and he loves it so much. He likes going to the bike park with it and it’s a big step up from our Woom bike and only weighs 5 pounds more!"

Verified Review by Helen E.

(Commencal Kids Ramones 16" Mountain Bike)

"Excellent customer service. This was my first purchase with Ready Set Pedal. I was so tickled to open the box and find a big smiley face on the package as well as a candy sucker included with the invoice. To me, those two acts of kindness gave me a more personal experience. I purchased the Lazer Lil’ Gekko helmet (Toddler size) for my 4 year old granddaughter. She loves dinosaurs, so this helmet is perfect and is what drew me to purchase it."

Verified Review by Cathy M.

(Lazer Lil Gekko Helmet)


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