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Kids Tow Rope Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a tow rope for kids?

A: A tow rope for kids is a device that connects an adult bike to the headset or handlebars of a child's bike via a bungee line. It is primarily designed to tow less-confident or tired riders up steeper sections of trail, not for long distances or flat trails.


Q: What is the best terrain for riding with a tow rope?

A: While tow ropes were primarily designed for mountain bike use, they can also be used for long climbs on road rides. Additionally, tow ropes can be used by adults as well.

Q: Is there an age range for a child to use a tow rope?

A: Tow ropes require the child rider to be in complete control of their bike while being towed, including being able to maneuver their bikes around obstacles and brake to prevent running into the adult rider. So, while a tow rope can technically be used with a child of any age (or adults!) on pedal bikes, it’s more about ability than actual age.

Q: What should I know before I buy a tow rope for my kid?

A: The maximum speed on tow ropes is much less than other bike attachments and maxes out at around 8 miles per hour. They are not meant to tow anyone for an entire ride, but rather for short bursts of difficult uphill sections. Tow ropes are also not ideal for flat sections of trail as it is very easy for the bike being pulled to run into the lead bike when the lead bike comes to a stop or slows down.

Ready, Set, Pedal carries the TowWhee line of tow straps. We use it for our own kid kids and are a big believer in their safety and development process. TowWhee was the original tow strap for kids and we believe the safest and easiest to use on the market.