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5 Reasons Why We Love Woom Bikes

5 Reasons Why We Love Woom Bikes

Ready for a two-wheeled adventure that’ll have your kiddo zooming with joy? Here's the scoop on why Woom Bikes are like the superhero sidekick of the cycling world for the pint-sized pedaler in your life:

Featherweight Champs of the Bike World:

Well almost. Our Frog kids bike lineup are pretty light as well, but Woom Bikes are pretty much the antigravity boots of the cycling universe, making those first pedal-pushes as easy as pie. Why? Lighter bikes mean more miles of smiles and less "Mom, Dad, I can't move this thing!"

Woom Bike are light

Tailor-Made for Mini Me’s and Their Mighty Dreams:

Woom bikes aren’t just shrunken-down versions of adult bikes. Nope, Woom gets that kids are not just mini adults. They've cooked up a recipe for the perfect kid-centric bike design. We’re talking about a ride that’s as comfortable as pajamas, with an upright position that says, “I got this,” and stability that keeps those wobbles to a minimum. 

Durability That Could Survive the Kid Apocalypse:

Woom Bikes are built to last, even through the "I think I can ride down these stairs" phase. With top-notch components that shrug off daily abuse, these bikes are tougher than most, which will keep you out of the bike shop for repairs. Checkout Woom's warranty here.

woom kids bikes

A Smart Cookie Investment:

These bikes are more sought after than the last slice of pizza at a birthday party. They keep their value so well, you’ll be patting yourself on the back when it’s time for an upgrade. Reselling it will be a breeze on the secondary market.

Brakes galore, front and back, on every single model:

Learning to stop on a dime is as crucial as pedaling without toppling. Woom doesn’t skimp here; every model, even the ones for beginners, comes fully equipped with brakes. Because safe stopping isn’t just nice—it’s necessary.

Best Kids Bikes

With their light-as-a-feather feel, bespoke kid design, indestructible build, savvy investment value, and eye-popping colors, Woom bikes don't just transport your child from A to B; they launch them into a lifelong love affair with cycling. Strap on those helmets, and let the good times roll!

Checkout our comparison of Woom vs. Prevelo vs. Frog bikes to learn more.

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