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Early Rider Belter 16 Pedal Bike

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The award winning Belter is the lightest 16" bicycle in the world. 

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The award winning Belter is the lightest 16" bicycle in the world.  At a little over 12.5lbs, the Belter 16 sets the standard.  For a young child, weight matters. Every pound on a 3 year olds' bike is the equivalent of 2 or 3 on an adult bike. At 5 - 10lbs lighter than most 16" bikes, that's a big difference to a child.

It's not just the weight that will impress you - everything is designed for low rolling resistance. The high pressure tires, the cartridge bearing in the wheels and even the full bearing aluminium pedals all play a part in making Belter 16 such an over-performer.  But it is the Belt drive that steals the show.  A belt will never be contaminated with dirt or grease.  It will be as good the day your kid has finished with it as the day they first rode it and dad and mom don't have to worry about maintaining it.  

Discriminating parents who know their way around a bicycle will be very pleased with it's top-shelf quality, impeccable fit and finish, and superior performance.

Winner: Eurobike Award 2012
Winner: Red Dot Product Design Award 2013

Technical Specs and Features:

Weight:  12.5 lbs (5.65 kgs)
Suggested age 3.5 - 6 yrs
Minimum seat height:  18.5"  (47 cm)
Hand brushed and lacquered aluminium frame
Upgraded aluminium sprockets (not shown)

Light weight 16" wheels and pneumatic rubber tires

Short reach front and rear V brake (not shown)
Forged aluminium stem

Early Rider custom pedals (not shown)
Gates Carbon belt drive
Adjustable seat height

Warranty:  1 year

Easy Setup:  This bike is just about ready to go when you pull it out of the box.  It is shipped with only the handlebars and pedals to add. 

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