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Woom 3 Bike

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Inspire confidence and a love for cycling with the Woom 3, one of the best made kids bikes on the market!

FITS:  4-6 yr olds (41"-49")

AVAILABILITY:  We have sold out.  Purchase the red, purple, blue and green Woom 3 directly from Woom.

The design of the Woom 3 is all about offering a lower ride height.  The low center of gravity of this comparably small triangle frame in conjunction with the high cockpit creates a stable, good-natured geometry that helps the children to further improve their riding skills. The bike has a front and rear V-brake and NO coaster (foot) brake.   This all terrain bike is great on the road and on the trail. 

This bike includes a Woom kickstand and a Woom bell. 

What We LOVE About This Bike:  

  • How lightweight the bike is - close to 13 lbs - makes it much easier for a small child to handle and ride.
  • An intelligent design, taking into the size and ergonomics of small children, to design a bike that makes learning to ride a pedal bike really easy.
  • The “small hand reach” brakes, which enable even the smallest of hands to brake safely and with minimum effort.
  • The high quality of manufacturing. This bike is lightweight yet super durable. Made to last so it can be passed down from child to child or re-sold.
  • Woom is a sustainable company that values safety, ergonomics, handling, design, and non-toxic parts to create environmentally friendly bikes for kids.

Bike Details | Bike Geometry | Assembly & Manuals | Warranty Info


The Frame

The super lightweight AL-6061 aluminum tubes and optimized for simple balancing, which is supported by the upright seating position and the standard steering lock limiter

The Fork

The elaborately designed unicrown fork out of chrome molybdenum steel provides the necessary degree of damping. 

The Cockpit

The stem, handlebar and ahead-bearings all made of alloy do not only provide a low weight and low center of gravity, but also offer the greatest flexibility and adjustability.

Two V-Hand brakes only. Easy to use V-brakes for front and rear enable the kid to slow the bike down regardless of the pedal position and enable an easier dosage of the brake power.  

Freewheel: The bike no longer has to have a coaster (foot brake).  It is equipped with two small hands reach brakes which activate the front and rear V-brakes. 

The small tube diameter, the thin, toxic-free rubber grips and special SMALL HAND REACH brake levers make it easy for the smallest children to already brake with their hands.

 The Seat

The extra small, robust and also toxic-free Woom saddle can be moved by the large quick-release lever to the correct height very easily and accurately.  Thanks to the two-bolt clamp to the seat post the saddle can be adjusted in any direction as well. The Security window in the seat tube indicates how far out the seatpost can be placed. 

The Drivetrain

The smooth Woom forged aluminum square crank in conjunction with the sealed cartridge bearings and double chain guard rings meet the highest demands for function and durability, and are also beautiful to look at. 

The Wheels

The super lightweight 16 "WOOM-SOOPA-DOOPA-HOOPS alloy rims and industrial bearings hubs are connected with stainless steel spokes and provide easy propulsion. The special tires with 50mm cross section provide an extra portion of cushioning. Reflector stripes incorporated in the side walls increase visibility in the dark.  


For bike enthusiasts, here the details:
Bike Weight:  13.0 lbs without pedals
Woom 3 Bike Details
A Wheel/ Tire size 16" F Wheelbase 72.0 cm
B Cockpit / Grip height 74.0 cm G Crank length  3.74" (95mm)
C Steering angle 68° H Seattube angle 70°
D Medium standing height  42.0 cm I Minimum Seat height 18.9 in (48.0 cm)
E Horizontal toptube length  37.5 cm  J Maximum Seat height  23.8 in (60.5 cm)


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