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Lazer P'Nut MIPS Black Bike Helmet

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Protect your toddler with a MIPS helmet.  

Providing the maximum level of protection for your toddler, the P’Nut MIPS helmet has incorporated the latest safety technology to protect your child's brain - MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System).   The MIPS absorbs more rotational energy than traditional helmets and have been shown to decrease brain injury by 30%.  

Learn more about MIPS.

The P'Nut MIPS helmet also features the easy on/off Magic Buckle and the Autofit® Retention System to automatically adjust for the riders head making the helmet quick and easy to fit.  It also has 16 vents to ensure your little rider interior stays cool and comfortable. 

Magic Buckle:  Eliminates pinching and is super easy to fasten
Autofit ® Retention System:  Made for simplicity to create a comfortable helmet that fits perfectly every time you put it on.   Eliminates any need to manually adjust the helmet.
Adjustable Head Basket:  Allows the back part of the rollsys® system (that grips the back of the head) to move up and down depending on the riders preference.
Ventilation: 16 Vents
Construction: In-Mold
Reflective:  Reflective material on the helmet enhances visibility
Weight: 270 g
Certification: CE - CPSC - AS


Toddlers uni-size. Fits kids with a head circumference of 46-50 cm.  
Measure about 1" above the eyebrow.  Measure multiple times to ensure a consistent measurement.


The Magic buckle allows riders to quickly close or open the buckle connecting the two straps. With one hand the rider just pushes it open or closes it by bringing the male and female part close together, magnetic forces do the rest. Thanks to this solution the hassle of opening or closing your buckle is now a problem of the past. Even in winter when wearing gloves, riders can easily open and close the buckle without any difficulties. It will also prevent skin from getting in between the lock which is very handy for the under 10 riders.

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