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Bike Assembly and Instruction Manuals

All bikes are assembled as much as possible prior to shipping.  However, there are a few things that will need to be assembled and set to your child's size prior to riding.   Here are manuals and videos to help ensure you know exactly what you need to do. Each manufacturer offers a unique set of instructions.

Stampede Bikes

All orders are shipped directly from the Stampede Bikes warehouse to you.  Whilst they take great care in assembling and packaging their bikes, you will need to spend some time assembling the bicycle.  For the safest ride and the best possible performance from our products we recommend that you have your local bike shop assemble and tune the bike for you.  Every model is slightly different, but you will likely need to:

  • Install the pedals
  • Install the front wheel
  • Install and then tighten in place the handlebar
  • Install the seat post and adjust to height
  • Tune/adjust shifting
  • Tune/adjust brakes
  • Set tires to your preferred pressure
  • General inspection

Balance Bikes

Instruction Manual
Troubleshooting the Rear Brake
Removing the Rear Wheel
Assembly Instructions Video

Pedal Bikes

2015 Pedal Bike Manual
Removing a Coaster Brake
Tension the Chain 

Woom Bikes

All Woom Bikes are shipped directly from the Woom warehouse to you. Assembly instructions and videos can be located here:

Woom Bike Instruction Manual

Woom 1

Assembly Instructions

Woom 2 and Woom 3

Woom 4 and Woom 5 (including the City and Supra models)

Assembly Instructions